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Why DesignCoup?

We are brand navigators charting your brand’s course. You’ve got the product or service – we’ve got the creative and brand strategy. Whether it’s your maiden voyage or your boat needs a fresh coat of paint, DesignCoup will listen, capture your vision and ensure you’re equipped for the journey before we send you out to sea. Companies like AGCO, Workout Anytime, Wing Zone and many others have trusted us to build their strategy and captain their success. Give us a call, and we’ll get a lay of the land before conferring on the best next steps for your brand.
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Meet The Shipmates That Keep DesignCoup Afloat
Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins

Founder, Brand and Business Strategy, Creative Director

O Captain, Our Captain | DesignCoup Master & Commander since 1998 | Brand Developer of 20+ years | Well-versed in many industries spanning healthcare, fitness, coffee, food service and FMCG | Recipient of multiple awards for his pro-bono, design, branding and collateral work | Dad to three amazing kiddos | Community Advocate

George Farkas

George Farkas

Senior Web Development, Brand Strategy

Design Extraordinaire | Sincere Foodie | Creates web content like nobody’s business | Rocks a solid digital and email campaign | Particularly savvy with graphics, digital creative, color combos, the latest software and Netflix binging | Able to keep multiple plants alive

Patrick Cross

Patrick Cross

Graphic Designer, Brand Strategy

Multi-faceted Design Engineer | Visual problem solver | Form follows function practitioner | Disciple of discipline | Avid podcast listener | Self-analyzer | Student of improvement | Four string aficionado | Dessert connoisseur | World explorer

Mallory McCoy

Mallory McCoy

Client Engagement, Project Management, Brand Strategy

Project managing machine | World traveler | Lives at the corner of Glam & Goofball | Slayer of smoothies and cereal-killer | Possible contender for Princess Kay of the Milky Way | Keeps the team on-task and the clients warm & fuzzy

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