WebOps developed logistics solution for medical device distributors that used handheld technology to manage logistics at the enterprise level. In launching the product, the company faced several marketing hurdles. Sales prospects are hard to identify; the product is complex and difficult to explain; plus customers must revamp their existing system to use WebOps.


WebOps wanted to quickly and efficiently tell the WebOps story, so Design Coup created a sophisticated multimedia/video that explains the WebOps process.

Starbucks gift cards were used as a direct mail incentive to get prospects to view the 5-minute presentation. A new corporate identity, website and sales collateral were part of the campaign.


The Web site and direct mail campaign resulted in over a dozen solid leads, including a leading global manufacturer of medical devices. The new Web site delivered a clear benefit message while creating a sense of credibility and substantiality to the small start-up. The WebOps campaign received a Hermes Gold Award for design and execution.